Contract Management Services

We can be your outsourcing partner to manage your expectations with your service vendors

Many organizations have no idea what contracts are currently signed, implemented, or up for renewal at their company.Lack of controls, decentralized offices, and lack of resources all help to contribute to poor contract management.
We can manage everything from small business maintenance contracts to complex multi-site service agreements for you. Our experienced team will be prepared to help you decide where to focus your negotiation efforts and/or when to find alternative vendors.With our specialized reporting framwork, we ensure the standard communication of each delivery cycle for leadership and management.
Key Features:
 Service Level Agreements
 Enforce response times, coverage schedules, callbacks, assignment, PM’s and escalation rules
 Improve contract visibility and concession tracking
 Create contracts to meet business specific requirements
 Manage contract line items at the customer, site, product or asset level
 Establish invoicing rules for advance, arrears, full or partial period billings
 Conduct Collobration session among leadership, management and other stakeholders
 Provide legal document support for any dispute resolution or contract related issues