Mobile Application Development

Choose your app adventure.

Having a mobile app is one of the most important things today that you can look after to make your brand stronger. Secondly, your mobile app must be interactive, customer-friendly and designed to give pleasant experience to users to keep them revisit your portal. Finally, it should deliver the way you expected. Here is where we shine!

iOS App Development

The iPhone is a phenomenon. It’s changed the way people use smartphones. No prizes for guessing that the iPhone needs super-special apps, the kind of apps that don’t just satisfy users’ needs but delight them. At RMI, our iPhone app developers have an all-consuming passion for the iPhone and making optimum use of its functionality to deliver category defining apps.

We believe great iPhone apps don’t happen by accident. They are a product of rock solid technical knowledge, extensive expertise in using the latest iOS for application development, comprehensive understanding of the app market and a love for building apps that target users will rave about.

Android App Development

We work with you as technical specialist and graphic desginers to help you create feature-rich, user-friendly and visually appealing android apps for you to maximize your outreach to your clients. We aim to offer the most amazing Android user experiences to our clients and end users. Our app developers are proficient in building apps that leverage the immense potential of the latest Android OS and deliver a frictionless experience.

The app market is immensely competitive and if your app must standout for its user retention and usage, its development needs to be executed seamlessly and by people who know their jobs well. We also have a deep understanding of what users expect from an android app and have the proven ability to deliver on those expectations. This makes us the perfect choice for your android app development needs.

Responsive HTML5 based Website to fit any Mobile Devices

We have team of specialist programmers who understand the application architecture that fits all devices for your platform free application needs. This will allow your brand outreach to maximum exposure to end users, customers, suppliers and corporate.

Apps that use only HTML5 code (HTML, CSS, and Javascript) and no native device features or APIs. Web apps can run in a browser anywhere on any device, desktop, server, etc.